Bloomridge Integrated School has indeed proven itself worthy of the trust given by parents who want only the best for their children by the many things it has accomplished so far, who would think that in 2004, it all started from scratch.

Establishing the school was in itself a daring deed. When the Mendoza family decided to put up a school, they left their comfort zone without any assurance that destiny will lead them to greener   pastures. With the aid of four leaders from the    academic world known as the four pillars and administrators of BIS, together with other competent and experienced mentors, they took the risk of making it happen–shaping the hope of the future for a brighter tomorrow. The never-heard combination of notes became the BIS Hymn, the simple do’s and don’ts is now the BIS Achievement Code, the once lifeless apartment rooms for rent evolved into    classrooms, laboratories and offices and finally, on June 14, 2004, having the permit to operate issued by the Department of Education, the Philippine Flag was raised for the first time with 215 students from Kinder 1 to Second Year High School singing the Philippine National Anthem in front of the Felicidad Pavilion. 

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